Monday, February 8, 2010

Style on Sale

Apollo armchair in cream-colored leather.  Was $2089 plus fabric. 
 Now $995 including fabric.  A pair is $1795.

And the Athena chair...

The new faceted TV lift cabinet in automotive lacquer finish.
  Originally $10,000.  Now $6500.

From the Apollo (and Athena) chairs to the Wave Lift TV cabinet,  Ruth Livingston's chic design collections are on sale this month.  All new orders are 25 percent off wholesale prices.  Floor samples - sofa, cabinetry, mirrors -  are between 50 to 70 percent off their original prices.  

Think of it as RL Studio's stylish St. Valentine's Day gift to your home.

Ruth Livingston Studio • 74 Main St. • Tiburon • 435-5264 •


  1. love the names Apollo and Athena!

  2. Thanks, M! We know....we do, too! Maybe that's why we love these chairs as much as we do :)