Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Flipping Out for "Flipping Out"

Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo's hit show, "Flipping Out", was in San Francisco recently for a whirlwind visit of special events highlighted by his appearance at San Francisco Design Center's Design San Francisco.

We are glad to know that everyone involved enjoyed meeting both Jeff Lewis and his executive assistant/co-star Jenni Pulos;  that Jeff Lewis is, indeed, "really like that in person"; and, contrary to his infamous reputation (and to the relief of all),  fired no one.

Scenes from Design San Francisco

Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos.

The on-stage interview at San Francisco Design Center Design 
was taped by Bravo's "Flipping Out" camera crew

Pulos and Lewis' business manager Gage Edward 
sit next to each other in the front row of the sold-out audience.

Peeking backstage at Lewis, Pulos and Nucifora

Above images by Sunghi Sonia Morsella

Scenes from the pre-party hosted by The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco and Gilt City at the home of noted designer and antiques dealer Candace Barnes.

Barnes' living room atop San Francisco's elegant Nob Hill with...

...a  glittering downtown view  

Party hosts Pamela Fishman Cianci, VP operations of Gilt City,
  and Alf Nucifora, Chairman of The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco,
and Debbie Nucifora

Jenni Pulos, Candace Barnes and Jeff Lewis

A surprise gift bag,  filled with gift certificates 
for a luxurious Northern California spa weekend for 
Lewis' absent housekeeper and co-star Zoila Chavez, 
presented by Gilt City's Pamela Fishman Cianci
 to Jeff Lewis,  as Pulos and Nucifora look on.

Image by Deborah Norton


  1. Awesome! I'm going to tweet about your post. I am jealous I wasn't there:)

  2. We wish you were there,too! We would have had even more fun :)

  3. I unfortunately missed the whole thing, too busy working. But all my colleagues who went to the presentation were quite pleasantly surprised.

    I can't wait to see Candace and her fabulous apartment in an upcoming episode.



  4. Claudia! We're not at all surprised that Adeeni Design Group is busy. It's the toast of the town.

    But we are sorry we couldn't be flipping out and having fun together over Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos.

    Next time, yes?

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