Friday, December 20, 2013

The Great Green Cycler GIve-away

The Green Cycler is an all-in-one odorless composting shredder and storage unit that operates like a paper shredder for produce chopping up fresh fruit and vegetable scraps into ideal sized pieces for the compost pile.

It can reduce green waste volume up to 80 percent and accelerate the composting process by at least 10 times.  

Gail Loos, the Denver mother of two, who invented the Green Cycler insisted upon an ergonomic design with dishwasher safe components, dual-action handles that go back and forth to help chop tough scraps, stainless steel blades that are safe to remove and never need sharpening, a fully removable lid with a viewing window, a drawer that holds up to a gallon of shredded scraps, micro vents to reduce odor-causing bacteria and promote quick decomposition, and lever-activated suction cup feet to keep the machine steady when the handles are turned.  It's also all made in America.

The Green Cycler ranges in price from $99.99 to $139.99

Contest rules:  Please be the first to post the correct answer to this question and win a Green Cycler.  I will need your address to send the prize so make sure you check back here for the announcement of the winner by Friday December 27.  If you're the winner, please email me your address.

Here's the question:
According to Planetsave, what is the third best way, behind giving up cars and household fuels, to prevent (global warming) pollution?

Here's a clue:  musician Jay-Z is doing it, Bill Clinton and now Al Gore are doing it, and baseball great Hank Aaron was doing it before all of them.

What is it?